1982: Plyer v Doe

Immigration History 101

Day 38: Immigration History 101

● 1982: Plyer v Doe
o The Supreme Court strikes down a Texas statute denying undocumented immigrant children the right to a public school education.

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Immigrant Spotlight: Joseph Pulitzer (1864)-from helping establish modern American journalism to creating its most prestigious prize, Joseph Pulitzer is associated with American enterprise at its scrappiest. Born in Hungary, Pulitzer was lured to the United States by American military recruiters who wanted him to fill in for a rich draftee. After serving in the Union Army, he studied English and became a newspaper reporter, rising through the ranks and eventually buying New York World. A proponent of “yellow journalism,” he competed with newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst and even served a term as U.S. Representative for New York. Before his death, he bequeathed the money that founded the Columbia School of Journalism. The prize that bears his name has been giving awards to journalists since 1917.

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Read more about Pulitzer in the TIME Vault.http://time.com/4108606/history-american-immigrants

Cartoon by: Henry Trueba, Plyler v. Doe. Source: Immigration Law Prof Blog.

**Program created (in part) by Ana Rodriguez-BorderLinks’ (Tucson AZ)**


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