1975: Indochina Migration and Refugee Assistance Act

Day 35: Immigration History 101
● 1975: Indochina Migration and Refugee Assistance Act Allows refugees from Southeast Asia to the U.S

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Immigrant spotlight:Daniel Dae Kim (born Kim Dae-hyun on August 4, 1968)[1] is a Korean-born American actor, voice actor, and producer. He is known for his roles as Jin-Soo Kwon in Lost, Chin Ho Kelly in Hawaii Five-0, Gavin Park in Angel and Johnny Gat in the Saints Row series of video games. He also runs a production company called 3AD, which is currently producing the television series The Good Doctor.

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Cartoon by: Karl Knott,, via: https://www.thestoryoftexas.com/discover/artifacts/john-knott-cartoon-spotlight-09082016

**Program created (in part) by Ana Rodriguez-BorderLinks’ (Tucson AZ)**


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